The City of Vancouver is in the process of resetting its current Housing and Homelessness Strategy. This innovative, accessible and interactive process is being called Re:Address, and is utilizing a series of interactions with global leaders, local experts and engaged citizens to shape the direction of the next Housing & Homeless Strategy’s five to ten year priorities.

The key principles and themes of Re:Address will focus on ways to best deliver a diversity of long term housing solutions that are resilient, future focused and most importantly, targeting the needs of those people who live and work in Vancouver.

Re:Address Week featured 13 events over 6 days, designed to improve the dialogue on housing affordability in Vancouver. Topics of discussion included Indigenous housing innovation, new global economic models, shifting generational needs and wants and the growth of the non-profit sector.

Insights gathered from the diverse voices in attendance as well as online through the use of #readdresshousing will help the City of Vancouver find breakthrough ideas and ignite shared leadership across the housing continuum.

Mayor Gregor Robertson
Mayor of Vancouver

Mayor Gregor Robertson, a progressive leader who continues to position Vancouver as an inclusive, diverse and sustainable world class city built on innovation. Vancouver’s growth as a world-class city has put unprecedented pressure on affordability, impacting people of all incomes and neighbourhoods. Now in his third term, Mayor Robertson has prioritized affordable and accessible housing, making great strides with an aggressive ten year plan to expand affordability, delivering thousands of new homes while ensuring existing affordable homes are protected.




This Is: The Woodwards Project Tour

This Is: brings diverse narratives together into a choreographed, baton-pass style tour of the Woodwards redevelopment project, providing an ‘insider look’ into the complexity of planning for one of Vancouver’s creative, engaged, and low-income neighbourhoods.

Right to Adequate Housing

Legal experts and housing advocates discuss the ‘Right to Adequate Housing’ and the realities of implementing this right at a local level. Co-sponsored by Allard School of Law, UBC and the City of Vancouver.

Moderator: Frances Bula
Speakers: Margot Young, David Hulchanski, Stefania Seccia, Leilani Farha

Renters, Real Estate & Economic Resiliency in Vancouver

Deepening our understanding of the global housing market and how local policy & regulation measures impact our economic resiliency.

Moderator: Kira Gerwing
Speakers: Duncan MacLennan, Paul Smetanin, Sarah Hill

Building Housing Common Ground
Hosted By: Paul Kershaw

Hosted by Generation Squeeze, this 1-day event seeks to develop policy recommendations for all levels of government on meeting the housing affordability needs of younger generations, from 20-40 years of age.

West End Guided Walking Tour

Hosted by the COV, participants will explore the past and future of community planning and the role of rental housing in Vancouver’s West End.

Millennial Activate

An interactive session that encourages millennials to engage with their municipal governments to influence housing policy and ensure their voices are heard.

Moderator: Andrew Pask
Speakers: Paul Kershaw, Eric Swanson, Jillian Glover

A Guided Walking Tour of the Olympic Village

A guided walking tour provided by City of Vancouver staff and local community members of The Olympic Village and the surrounding False Creek Developments. Discussion will revolve around urban design examples and how challenges with financing were overcome.

The Official Delegate Welcome

An incredible welcome to Vancouver at one of the city’s most significant cultural venues. The Museum of Anthropology will be the backdrop for an evening that will include a traditional Musqueam First Nation Welcome and opening remarks from the Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson, followed by a cocktail reception, keynote address and multi-course dinner.

Speakers: Johnna Sparrow-Crawford, Kurt Puchinger

Re:Address Summit Housing and Future of City Building

The City of Vancouver’s first international housing summit, poised to bring 500 international, national and local thought leaders and experts together to explore ideas and solutions and contribute to accelerate affordable housing goals.

The program included keynotes, a mayors’ roundtable, panel discussions and short presentations.

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Keynote Speakers: Vicki Been, Nathanael Lauster, Kurt Puchinger

Moderators: Mayor Gregor Robertson, Margot Young, Evan Sidall, William Azaroff

Panelists: Kate Hartley, Ana Bailāo, Daniel Glenn, Ginger Gosnell-Myers, Ouri Scott, David Thomas, Phil Wihongi, Michael Lennon, Paul Kershaw, Sharon Chisholm, Gary Belkin, David Hulchanski, Duncan MacLennan, Sarah Hill, Andy Broderick, Paul Smetanin

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First Nations Welcome

The Re:Address Summit, hosted by the City of Vancouver began with welcome from Mayor Gregor Robertson followed by a First Nations Welcome by Squamish Nation Elder Maurice Nahanee. The City of Vancouver is located on the unceded traditional territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

Keynote: Vicki Been

In March 2016, New York City approved one of the most ambitious affordable housing strategies in North America, including the development or preservation of 200,000 affordable housing units and the first mandatory inclusionary policy in the USA. Commissioner Been spoke to what it takes to implement an affordable housing plan and comment on what New York is facing, reflecting many similar challenges to Vancouver.

Mayor’s City Leaders Panel: Civic Practice, Global Significance

Cities across the world are continuing to experience a housing crisis due to the commodification of housing and dynamic shifts in housing markets. The Mayor hosted a conversation with other city leaders from Vienna, New York, San Francisco and Toronto to explore the changing roles of cities and housing affordability solutions for all residents.

Indigenous Insights for Connection in a Global City: Housing, Design and Reconciliation Panel

As a City of Reconciliation, Vancouver sought insights from this session into how urban Indigenous design can lead cities to prosper through connection to place, social belonging, and sustainability informed by generational values. Presenters and panelists provided examples from North America and across the world to strike a new conversation on beauty, presence and affordability from Indigenous perspectives.

Future Forward: Short Talks on the Future of Housing Affordability

A collection of global thought leaders and housing experts providing examples, experiences and issues they have encountered when addressing housing affordability around the world.

Panel: The Economy Story within a Housing Context

Global cities are typically considered major ‘engines’ of a global economy and not are immune to growing socioeconomic challenges. This panel will dive into the connections between the local housing economy and the global influence on economic activity, as well as how we understand wealth inequities within the housing market. How do we engage more deeply into the housing story within an economic story both locally and internationally, and how can financing, planning and policy tools proactively work to create housing security for all residents, both current and future.

Keynote: Nathanael Lauster

Nathanael Lauster provided a closing keynote on the ‘death and life’ of the single family house, its symbolism within the nostalgic landscape of Vancouver minds, as well as how well Vancouver is doing to promote livability and density compared to other cities in the world.

The Sublime & Ridiculous

Dynamic and visual presentations investigating global market trends and phenomenon currently playing out on ‘city stages’.

Moderator: Steven Cox
Speakers: David Eddy, Janice Abbott, Jen Muranetz, Kira Gerwing, Ouri Scott, Rowan Arundel, Sarah Hill, Kishone Roy

Non-Profit Housing Summit: Business Transformation

Local and international non-profits meet with government partners to explore models that promote a strong future for non-profit housing provision.

Moderator: Sharon Chisholm
Speakers: Michael Lennon, David Hulchanski, Thom Armstrong, Mark Guslist

Regional Summit: Housing Affordability

Leaders from across Metro Vancouver and other regions seek solutions and connections between housing affordability and other factors impacting young people and families, including transportation and childcare costs.

Moderator: Gil Kelley
Speakers: Margaret Eberle, Paul Kershaw, Paul Smetanin

Innovative Housing Design & Construction: Part 1: The ‘Hows & Whys’ of Modular Housing

This session will show how modular housing works to achieve urgent housing needs with flexibility and affordability using construction and design innovation. International examples, as well as local modular housing models will be presented with opportunities to explore hands-on exhibits and learning.

Moderator: Kaye Matheny Krishna
Speakers: Thomas Froese, Mukhtar Latif, Ammr Vandal, Kapul Gill

Innovative Housing Design & Construction: Part 2: The Future of Affordable, Sustainable Design

Part 2 of Innovative Housing Design will focus on the intersection of affordability, sustainability and simplicity, discussing the role of passive house, as well as other innovations such as the tallest wood building to be built at UBC.

Moderator: Gil Kelley
Speakers: Oliver Lang, Dan Giordano, Bryn Davidson, Marianne Amodio


Click to download the City of Vancouver's National Housing Strategy submission below



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